Lost Mine on the Frontier


You’ve been here for months, picking up some work here and there. You were drawn to the large city on the Northern Sword Coast by its promise of adventure and wealth. Sadly, your intermittent work only provides a little silver and that only buys so many drinks and poor lodging in the common room of the Whale’s Blow Hole, your inn of choice.

The Blow Hole is not up-market but at least it’s not squalid. The drinks are only a little watery and the proprietor doesn’t steal your purse when you pass out at your table. Mind you, there’s nothing to steal any more. The silver coin you place on the bar is your last and yields a mug of ale and a few coppers change. That won’t even pay for a space sleeping on the floor of the inn. Maybe the stables?

Back at your table, you and your friends (well, drinking buddies, really) are joined by the red-haired dwarf, Gundren Rockseeker. In the past, he has stood everyone here a few rounds and is well liked. This afternoon he is boasting about the riches he and his brothers are soon about to reap.

“It’s just a matter of time, lads! But we must be careful, no? Can’t say no more, even to trustworthy folk such as yourselves! But we’ve found it… aye, we have! The Wave Echo Cave. Our people’s birthright. Me and me brothers will bring back the glory days of the Blackstone Clan!”

He goes on about the days when his clan ruled Illefarn and were paid tribute from kingdoms all around. You tune him out for a bit but your ears perk up at the offer of some work.

“I need some dependable folk such as yourselves to escort a wagon of goods to Phandalin for me. I’d do it myself but the provisions won’t be ready until tomorrow and Sildar and I must make haste.” He gestures to his companion, a large quiet warrior you’ve met before. “I’ve 10 gold a piece for you if you see the wagon to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin. And, here, this should buy a few rounds for tonight. But not too many! I need you sharp eyed tomorrow. My man, Grant, will bring the wagon here in the morning.”

He throws a few gold coins on the table and he and Sildar take their leave. It should be enough to keep you out of the stables tonight… unless you drink a lot. Mind you, you probably won’t care about sleeping with the horses at that point.


Padraig Padraig

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